The easiest way for an NGO to draw attention to its Telegram channel about nod32 key is to post a link to the channel on other social networks. This must be done regularly. If an expert or director of an organization is speaking at a meeting, they might mention the channel and say that it has unique content.

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You can add subscribers yourself: for example, if an NPO has a base of phone numbers of supporters and they gave permission for this when collecting personal data. Mutual PR works well – to negotiate with other NGOs and make reposts from each other’s channels.

Telegram Analytics has directories by topic: you can get into them for free, just confirm your channel. There are paid promotion tools: buying ads on other channels and targeting ads.

“Both are questionable. By buying ads on another channel, you run the risk that bots will come to you, which the channel owners will catch up with in order to recapture the money. Targeting is very dependent on the audience and what you are promoting: it may not take off at all,” Vitaly Samolet warns.